“Sunscreen is great! Smells lush. Feels lovely on the skin. No sense of irritation whatsoever… I really feel a good barrier against the sun. Perfect! Holy grail accomplished!!”

Christina King (United Kingdom)


“We returned to using EK and not only has it out performed the Nivea with no further sunburn but it smells lovely and is a pleasure to use. Well done.”

Rebecka Geary (Australia)


I am an internationally qualified beauty and spa therapist and have had 10 years within the industry, in this time I have used professional grade sun care products, many of them good but none even come close to ek sunscreen. I'm blown away by the consistency and how beautiful it is to apply.. My skin is really sensitive and this not only felt gorgeous and soothing but after carefully checking the ingredients I knew it was safe for my whole family. I put it to the ultimate test yesterday and none of us even got slightly pink, it even protected my colour tattoo in the fierce sun which gets really itchy and raised if I’m in direct sun for too long. To find a real, above board sunscreen of spf 50 that has been as thoroughly tested as this one is actually impossible and to know that this is NZ made by someone with such credible qualifications in relevant fields is so impressive. I'm hooked, you've got a loyal customer in me! Thanks so much, I'll be singing your praises from the roof tops! I wish I could give more than 5 stars!

Katie Palmer


Loving finally using your sunscreen. On a humid, sticky day in Bali this stuff feels nice and matt going on and the great smell is a good little piece of NZ. And of course I haven't been sunburnt with it! It starts of kind of white but somehow the colour just disappears after about a minute so that you can't see it at all. I bought this for the whole family but actually have been hiding it in my bathroom drawer as I kind of want to just want to keep it all for me, I love that its so natural and chemical free, well done I will definitely buy again.

Lisa Godfery


Love love love the new sunscreen!!! It’s light and rubs completely into the skin, doesn’t leave it white like others can. It’s a fantastic full block! Kids think it’s smells great too! Bonus

Rochelle Davies


Great product! Beautiful texture, smells lush, and sunscreen gives a nice glow to the skin without being greasy. Would also make a great base for makeup application. Highly recommend this product. Thanks Jules

Tiffany Jade Cochrane


I just received the sunscreen that I won in the mother's day competition. This product is just amazing - from the beautiful, simple and earthy packaging to the AMAZING contents. I have never used a sunscreen this good. It smells wonderful, sinks into my skin and feels so nourishing. Its a bonus that its got a high SPF and to feel the connection to the Rakau (plants) from this land. Thankyou Earth's Kitchen stunning product and brand xo

Lahla Aroha


Andrew McCrory ran the length of New Zealand over December and January 2021/2022 and shares his experience with our sunscreen here:

"I covered 50km per day for 40 days and completed approximately 2060km. I ran in all conditions from blistering 33 degrees to freezing 6 degrees. Nearly every day I ran in a singlet with my running vest on.

My morning routine consisted of putting on my gear plus Earth's Kitchen Kawakawa and Tamanu sunscreen. A little bit certainly goes a long way. Over the 40 days, I never got sunburnt and the Earth's Kitchen sunscreen never sweated off or washed off in the rain. I can't recommend it enough, it just works!!"