What is the difference between the Adult and Baby / Child sunscreen?

Both the adult and baby/child sunblocks are certified natural and both give a coverage sun protection factor of 50+. Although they have been dermatologist tested and clinically tested for sensitive skins – the baby sunblock has extra protective and nourishing ingredients for new, vulnerable skin like Moringa – a high nutrient superfood plant that helps nourish and build the skin’s ability to protect itself. Harakeke is traditionally used for burns, cuts and skin rashes – it has high healing qualities and is a cooling antiseptic gel used to New Zealand’s harsh sun conditions. German chamomile is a gentle yet potent anti-inflammatory with amazing calming and nutritive properties – it is a dark blue essential oil which gives the lotion a pale blueish colour that smoothes on invisibility. The adult sunscreen also has beautifying, nourishing ingredients like Tamanu – an enriching, powerful “miracle oil” that is traditionally used for all kinds of skin issues like rashes, acne, echzema, dermatitis, wrinkles and skin blemishes. Kawakawa otherwise known as the ‘King of Medicine” is antibacterial, antifungal, tonifying, calming, nutritive, smoothing and smells amazing.

There is less percentage of essential oils in the baby sunscreen – it still has a wonderful island aroma of sweet organic oranges and vanilla pod. The adult one smells luscious and both men and women love it.



Is it certified SPF50?

Yes, Earth’s Kitchen Suncreen has been tested to the highest global standards and has surpassed the SPF50.

Our latest Lab results came in at SPF65.8 and SPF63.8 after 2 hours water immersion.

AS/NZS 2604:2012 standard


What does BioGro + Natrue certified mean?

The BioGro logo guarantees that a product is made without animal testing, genetic modification and the routine use of synthetic pesticides. There is no government regulation of natural cosmetics anywhere in the world which is why NATRUE certification is valued so highly. The NATRUE label guarantees that the product claiming “natural” is genuinely natural, with every one of it’s ingredients tested and audited. The NATRUE logo is well recognized in EU, USA and Asian countries such as Japan.

Natural certification to NATRUE’s standards will provide consumers with the assurance and confidence that Earth’s Kitchen products are genuine and meet internationally recognized natural standards.


Is it water resistant – if so, for how long?

We have had both of our sunblocks tested for 2 hours water resistance. We suggest you put on 10-20 minutes before a swim and afterwards for further protection.


How long does it last before I have to re-apply?

Reapply every 2 hours for long lasting protection, especially if sweating and swimming


Does it comply with the NZ/AU SPF rating protocol?

Yes we have had our sunblocks clinically tested with happy humans in a clinical setting to pass

FDA (2011) Protocol and AS/NZS Standard 2604:2012.

A sunblock needs to be broad spectrum to pass the ‘Broad Spectrum Compliance - UVAPF Ratio’ and gain a true SPF rating protecting against UVA and UVB rays - Earth’s Kitchen passed with flying colours.

We also passed the E.U Compliance UVAPF and Critical Wavelength based on ISO 24443 Test


What is expiry date or how long do I have once opened?

The expiry date is 2 years from manufacture and as most natural products, we suggest using within 6 months of opening


Is it invisible?

Yes. As a next level natural sunscreen SPF50, we were told it is impossible to create a completely natural, SPF50 invisible sunscreen – I was told that it doesn’t exist and is impossible. Until now. Earth’s Kitchen has created the impossible. A divine smelling, invisible, silky feeling protective completely natural sunscreen, that is good for us and good for our planet.

Once applied, rub in gently and spread right out until invisible – your body heat will aid dispersion. On extra hairy bits, dab into skin for invisibility.


Is it suitable for all skin types?

Yes, people that generally react to, or have very sensitive skin, love our sunscreen as it is completely natural, chocka with beautiful raw plant and nutrient dense ingredients and has been tested on 50 happy humans with sensitive skin, in a clinical environment. We have had it dermatologist tested and the testimonials flooding in, regarding the delight of being able to use sunscreen again, have been phenomenal. Not only not rashing up from applying our sunscreen, but previous skin spots, blemishes and wrinkles disappearing. It was not created necessarily for these profound effects, but knowing the botanical intelligence infused in every tube, it’s no wonder people are flipping out over this next-level sunblock.


I have sensitive skin, would this sunblock suit me?

Absolutely. We have had our sunblock rigorously tested in a clinical environment, to global standards, on 50 happy-yet-sensitive individuals – to our delight not one reaction and passed with flying colours. We have had our sunblocks Dermatologist tested and being formulated by a registered nurse, naturopth and medical herbalist – naturally they were designed to love our skin. The astounding testimonials and positive feedback we are receiving from sensitive beings, has blown us away!

We are so delighted to bring you a sunblock that, you can not only comfortably wear with it’s silky and aromalicious qualities, but that quietly heal previous rashes and blemishes whilst it’s got you covered. At last!


I’m an avid surfer and currently use the white zinc – would this be effective out there for surfers?

Yes! We are delighted to say that we have been doing a social experiment for years on our local surfers here in Mangawhai Heads and along golden coastlines throughout New Zealand. The resounding feedback is that our sunblock is better than anything they have ever used before! Not only does it give perfect protective coverage whilst out there crushin it, it doesn’t sting the eyes, it’s invisible, it doesn’t leave grease spots on gear and it smells amazing! Like a body perfume that keeps on giving. Although they continuously wiping their faces whilst surfing, a lot of them are staying out for hours before re applying and not getting the slightest bit pink.

As a result we took it to surf and dive shops across the land and so many New Zealand Surf + Dive shops and Information centres on the water, charter boat operators etc, have adopted our next level natural sunblock for water lovers. We will update site soon with our current retailers.


Is it reef safe / does it have oxybenzone in it?

Yes! And NO! A lot of people are asking “Does it have oxybenzone in it” which is so great. This means that people are already educated to the FACT that oxybenzone, found in chemical sunscreens, is directly killing our global coral reefs. Yes, as we pour over those beautiful creatures and stunning coloured corals, we are delivering the very poison that kills them. In fact one drop of oxybenzone, in 6.5 olympic sized swimming pools, kills coral. Hawaii has passed a bill banning chemical sunscreens, as has Mexico and many others are following suit. Our coral is dying at such a phenomenal rate and all happening in the last 30-40 years since we are dumping chemical sunscreen by the tonnage on them – 46,000 tonnes per year to be more precise.

We are turning this around by creating Earth’s Kitchen sunblock that is perfectly natural and can deliver the plant ingredients rather than the poison, to our reefs. On our bodies, we can deliver the love and regenerate our coral reefs before it’s too late! 


Is ek sunblock tested on animals?

No. We have a very strict policy to never test on our furry friends, just on willing humans. In order to gain BioGro certification, we can not and will not test on animals, we are non-GMO compliant, no nasties and only ever test on humans.


Can I wear make-up over it?

Yes. Apply sunscreen then wait for a couple of minutes until it goes nice and silky, soft and smooth, then apply make up over the top. We don’t advise mixing it directly with moisturizer as this will dilute the SPF50 quality - rather this can replace your morning moisturiser


Does it appear ghosty / pasty / tacky on the skin, like other so-called natural brands?

No, we are delighted that we have broken wide open, the previous story of “if you want to wear natural, it has to be ghosty and pasty on the skin” Our next level product not only allows you to wear a luxuriously natural product that has been tested to the highest global standards, but it is completely invisible too. It goes on white but as you lovingly rub it in ~ dreaming of the lush New Zealand forests from whence it was made and the glorious coral reefs you will save by wearing it, the aromas of vanilla pod and organic oranges tantalise your senses. You look down and see it has gone! Spread it out for a soft, silky-touch, invisible finish