Our story

Earth’s Kitchen (EK) is a skincare brand founded on the philosophy that nature knows best when it comes to caring for our skin. Founder Jules Bright’s highly successful nursing career skidded to a halt in 1997 while living in India, when she was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Rescued by locals, she was nursed back to health using natural remedies passed down through generations of local tribes people. Astounded at her rapid recovery, the experience transformed her thinking and rocketed her onto a new path of discovery: to uncover and share with the world the healing wisdom held and honoured by indigenous cultures across our planet.

Jules went on to gain triple diplomas in Naturopathy, Body Therapy and Medical Herbalism – specialising in Rongoa, New Zealand native plant medicine. On opening her lab, Jules continued formulating and perfecting her natural sunscreen.

Incorporating powerful natural ingredients and recipes, Earth’s Kitchen is based on the concept of Botanical Intelligence. Modern day skincare can include a host of synthetic ingredients that are neither good for our bodies or our earth. Instead, we have created a new range of wild-crafted skincare products that hero the efficacy and potency of natural ingredients. Fusing indigenous ingredients and methods with the latest technology, we are proud to present a range of skincare that contains nothing synthetic or unnecessary, just naturally effective ingredients that deliver great results and feel great to use.

The world’s 1st BioGro's NATRUE certified natural sunscreen SPF50

That’s a big deal! Our sun protection is the world’s 1st BioGro (Natrue) certified natural sunscreen SPF50 and carries the Certified Natural label, authorised by Natrue. This means you can feel comfortable knowing you're purchasing a true, completely natural cosmetic product that meets global certification standards, not a greenwashed one.

We’ve spent the past 18 years perfecting our formulas to ensure we provide the highest quality natural sunscreen that both protects and nourishes your skin. We wear the badge of natural certification proudly and in turn, proudly share what we’ve created at Earth’s Kitchen, with you.

To find out more about Natrue or BioGro, visit natrue.org or biogro.co.nz


Jules Bright